Success in health care is dependent upon the continued development of strong physician leaders partnered with effective administrators. Is your organization purposeful and strategic about the development of new leaders and ongoing support of managers and supervisors?

• When leadership improves, the speed of progress increases and the cost of delivering care decreases.

• Confident and effective leaders who can engage teams are demanded in today’s health care. Yet most physicians are left to develop that expertise on their own. We fill that gap by coaching physicians and team leaders, providing guidance and a safe place for thinking through challenges and planning for success.

• As the size of health care organizations increases, the need for physicians and administrators to partner effectively is essential, blending the clinical voice with the business equation.

• Busy leaders need time to continue to learn and to reflect on the big picture. Leadership coaching provides time and structure for ongoing growth and personal evolution.

Client comments about Leadership Development/Coaching

“Leadership skills throughout the management team were unequivocally strengthened.”
— James M. Hurst, MD, FACS, Former CEO, University Hospital, Cincinnati

“Development Partners brought together the hospital leadership and out of that came a number of initiatives that we have put into practice.”
— James A. Kingsbury, FACHE, Former CEO, UC Health

“No matter who Tom is working with at our hospital, I know that he will never do a deal at my expense.”
— Garren Colvin, CEO, St. Elizabeth Healthcare

“We asked similar medical organizations for recommendations and Teresa’s name came up frequently.”
— Lawrence Holditch, MD ,Medical Director, The Cincinnati Health Department