Whether your organization is merging with another practice, being acquired by a health system or challenged by the general uncertainties of the health care environment, you must be confident in your revenue cycle management. Our neutral third-party assessment maximizes your receivables.

• Our in-depth revenue cycle review ensures the quality and efficiency of billing operations, maximizes recovery of receivables and identifies revenue opportunities.

• Our knowledge of best practices improves the collection of patient high-deductible accounts, identifies insurance non-adherence to fee schedules, corrects inappropriate use of CPT and ICD codes, resolves lack of effective denial management and avoids charge slippage.

Testimonials About Revenue Cycle Management

“Because Tom worked in the medical field, he understands where we live and what it’s like to be in the trenches – he hits the ground running without having to learn our industry.”
— Ted Bort, MD, President, The Family Medical Group

“Through Tom Aug’s professional insights, we have implemented significant policies and hold monthly meetings to keep everyone on track.   When monthly transactions rise or fall, we analyze the reasons.”
— Robert Schmidt, CEO, Central Kentucky Radiology