Every premier physician practice, whether independent or in a health system, shares two traits. First, the best of the best plan regularly and, second, because they plan regularly, they are able to execute in a disciplined manner.

• Well-thought-out plans, tied to metrics in all areas of organizational performance, provide clear direction, strategic objectives and quality outcomes.

• Whether your organization is merging with another practice, being acquired by a health system or challenged by the general uncertainties of the health care environment, planning provides a sense of control, a mechanism for making decisions and the mitigation of stress.

• Planning allows the organization to be nimble in order to minimize threats and maximize opportunities, the foundation of a clinically and financially successful practice.

Client comments about Planning

Without Tom’s guidance, our merger may not have worked out. It certainly wouldn’t have worked out as well.”
— Timothy Love, MD, VP, Compass Emergency Physicians

“Tom brought objectivity which helped us to make decisions focused on the good of the practice.”
— Eric Bosley, MD, Managing Partner, Pediatric Associates of Northern Kentucky

“They helped us identify issues that we may not have recognized on our own.”
— Patricia Herron, Board President, Highland District Hospital

The outcomes from that collective process keep us focused and allow us to correct our direction when we stray from it.”
— Tony Gregoire, MD, President, Baton Rouge Radiology Group