Our assessment of your systems and processes delivers a more engaged team, an environment in which problems get resolved, improved care and better financial outcomes. To ensure efficacy and efficiency, we engage practice partners, managers and staff in identifying and solving problems and implementing solutions, such as Patient Centered Medical Home and other best practices.

• Unresolved process, system and other challenges impact patient care, health outcomes and the financial performance of the practice. We facilitate an objective process to achieve impactful change and improve quality.

• The best solutions come from safe discussions. Through skilled facilitation we engage the knowledge and experience of the physician leaders and staff for sustainable change and repeatable high performance.

Client comments about Operations

“We absolutely have a better relationship with OhioHealth and now work effectively with the hospital organization.”
— Howard Levin, DO, Cardiologist, OhioHealth

“Tom gave us the structure to make certain things happen. He took our sometimes lofty ideas and helped to put meat on those bones.”
— Ted Bort, MD, President, The Family Medical Group

“We are indebted to them for the survival of our practice. We wouldn’t be in business without them.”
— Mark Scott, MD, President, Tri-State Pulmonary Associates